I just finished all of the requirements for my M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from Seattle Pacific University. Now, assuming that I passed my Inferential Statistics class (I had 92% going into the last homework and final, but I’m seriously concerned that I may have bombed the final and will have to re-take the class or something equally hideous), that’s two years of work, done. Feels a little anti-climactic.

I think I’ll treat myself to a celebratory run, then work on finishing my spring term City University classes for my Principal’s certificate; I won’t be finished with that one until the end of September…Or, maybe I’ll engage in a little retail therapy…or sit-out on the back deck of the boat and space-out for a few hours thinking about anything and everything not related to education…or, go find the dock cat “Zoey” and the dock dog “Joey” (no, they’re not related) and pet them…or, read a trashy magazine with literally no literary value other than pure entertainment…or cook a five-course meal…or realize that it is indeed, five o’clock somewhere. Ah, it’s good to be done.

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1 Response to Ahhhhhh……

  1. Catherine (Yankee 3) says:

    HI There,
    Where are the photos of you in cap and gown?

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