Miss Chicken says, “Until next summer…”

Hello to our friends and family that saw us off at our dock party this year and to those that could not make it! We’ve decided that we’ll have to make this an annual event, we always have such a great time.

Greg and I have arrived safely in Nigeria after what was an amazingly easy trip complete with access to the Delta Sky Lounge in Atlanta, and an expediter from the US Embassy that whisked us through passport control and customs once we arrived in Nigeria on the 23rd. The airport is pretty much just as you’d imagine a West African airport: no chickens, but a handful of stern looking military men with AK47’s, a few dazed looking expats clearly on their first tour in a developing country, and the usual gauntlet of suspects hustling a taxi ride, or to carry your bags…feels like home already!

One of the school drivers took us to the same restaurant the Board had hosted us for dinner when we were in Lagos for our interview last year, a great place right on the water with a good selection of continental and ethnic cuisine. We don’t really do the “eat nothing that hasn’t been peeled or boiled” routine so I quickly dug into a gorgeous Lebanese fatoosh salad (means “wet” in Lebanese due to the copious amounts of lemon juice in the dressing) and chicken kebabs. Greg got a small pizza and a great looking caesar salad and we both enjoyed some fresh pineapple juice that was nice and cool because they threw ice in the blender (oh well) and tried to stay awake through the meal. The food was great after airplane meals and being awake for about 30 hours but the price was shocking: $114, seriously. Needless to say, I’ve been doing all of our cooking at home.

We’ve spent the last week adjusting to the 8-hour time zone change, buying groceries and settling in to our new digs. I won’t go into detail now, as I’m planning to shoot a video of our apartment (I’ll also include pictures of the lobster tail size prawns we bought at the fish market that is housed snugly under a bridge a few days ago) but I’ll just say that it’s way better than what we had in Indonesia in terms of size, comfort of furniture and facilities. I’ll be posting in the next couple days…

Here’s a teaser of the pics with Miss Chicken; do click on the link below to access all the photos from our dock gathering:



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1 Response to Miss Chicken says, “Until next summer…”

  1. Catherine (Yankee 3) says:

    HI There,
    Just wanted you to know that the travel lift from the Swantown boat works is being shipped to Nigeria – so do be on the lookout for it!! Just kidding!! The new boat lift can be driven by remote control and it has a crane on top to help lift off masts.
    There is a new big tug/trawler in the slip next to yours – Marty’s view is now fiberglass.
    No buyers for Yankee 3, yet – keeping hopeful.

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